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{short description of image} Greenleaf Natural Wax Votives
Greenleaf votive candles Luxury Greenleaf scented votive candles, each packages in it own beautifully decorated gift box. They are made from a blend of natural soy and vegtable waxes for a cleaner, longer lasting burn. They release an intense fragrance for up to 15 hours.
Apple Spice & Cinnamon - Traditional apple with cinnamon and spice.
Christmas Traditions -Seasonal blend of berries, cinnamon and nutmeg intermingled with evergreen and vanilla
Classic Linen- A clean, spring-fresh aroma delicately blended with sweet floral and balsamic notes.
Citrus Verbena
- A fresh lemon fragrance.
Hope - The fragrant combination of fresh fruits, warm spices and sweet vanillas.
Hospitality- A warm and welcoming blend of spices and aged woods.
Jasmine - The delicate and timeless fragrance of pure jasmine.
Raspberry Lemonade - Sun ripened raspberries with fresh cut lemons create a revitalizing fragrance.
Roses - The classic, gentle aroma of English roses.
Lavender - A relaxing fragrance made with pure lavender oil and a touch of fresh herbs.
Sea Spray - The scent of fresh air coming of the sea intermingled with jasmine, sandalwood and musk.
Vanilla - A traditional favourite to warm the heart and home.
Luxury Greenleaf votive candles: £1.85 each
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  Regent House Votives  
regent house votives Premium high grade votives from Regent House, a top quality clean burning votive for every day use.
Available in: Frankincense, Freeisa, Mulled Wine, Rose, Sandalwood, Sea Breeze, White Musk, Ylang Ylang.

£1.35 Each

Luxury Votives
votive candles Luxury highly scented votives specially designed to give out the maximum fragrance as they burn. They last up to 15 hours. Available in:
Apple- Green, Banana - Yellow, Black Cherry - Purple, Bridal Bouquet - Pink, Candy Cane- Red and white with a glitter on top. Cappuccino - Coffee, Cinnamon - Light Brown, Coconut - Cream, Death by Chocolate- Dark Brown.Freesia - Pink, Fresh Linen - Turquoise, Lavender - Deep Lilac, Purely Herbal - Green, Strawberry - Deep Red, Jasmine - Cream, Sea Breeze - Blue, and White musk - White.
Luxury votives: £1.45 each

  Room scenters  
room scenter candles Simple, high quality room scenter candles. approx. 5cm high.
85p each.

Votive Holders
Glass votive holder Glass Votive Holder
Simple square glass holder for votive and room scenter candles.
£1.25 each
Room scented holder Room scenter holder
Glass flowerpot-shaped holder for room scenter candles.
£1.15 each
Gold votive holder Gold Votive Holder
A metallic golden finish reflects the candle light around inside.
£1.65 each
Black votive holder Black Votive Holder
Black glass votive holder with red glitter star design.
£1.25 each

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