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{short description of image} Hand made Tibetan incense
  Incense from Tibet is made from hand rolled stick of natural ingredients and herbs. In Tibet it is used chiefly for it medicinal properties and to reduce tension.
{short description of image} Snow Lion Incense
This special incense is composed of 55 different spices and aromatic substances inculding nagi, saffron, red and white sandalwood.
One pack of 45 sticks: £2.35
Sandal & Jasmine
A sandalwood and jasmine blend with Himalayan herbs.
One pack of 45 sticks:£1.95
sandalwood Pure Sandalwood
Composed of special sandalwood and Himalayan herbs.

One pack of 40 sticks £2.95
Tibetan Healing Medicine Pure Tibetan Herbal Medicine
Contains 31 purely natural ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to the ancient Tibetan medical system.
One pack of 24 sticks: £2.95
Tibetan Healing Incense Pure Tibetan Healing Incense
A traditional Tibetan remedy for stress, depression and tension, this incense is sold at the Mount Everest base camp.

One pack of 24 sticks: £2.85

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