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{short description of image} Soap Slices
  High quality pure vegetable soaps (SLS free) made in England. Big chunky & tactile 200g soap bars in four fragrances:
Lavender soap Lavender - The calming aroma of lavender in a soap. £2.95
Nile Lilly Nile Lilly - Elegant and delicate Nile Lily. £3.45
Rose soap Morning Rose - Romantic English roses. £2.95
Honey soap Mild and Gentle Honey - Kind and soothing to the skin. £3.95
  Soap Slices
Fancy soaps These soaps are hand made in the UK using a technique that preserves their natural glycerine.
In commercially made soap, the glycerine (a by-product of the soap making process) is removed for use in cosmetics manufacturing, this makes the soap very drying, as glycerine is a moisturizer that softens the skin.
Fancy soaps
Cinnamon & Orange - A orange soap with a cute black kitten and a wonderfully sweet and slightly spicy fragrance.
Coconut - A palm tree design and a tropical coconut fragrance make this one of our most popular soaps
Dewberry - Deep pink with white flowers and lovely strong dewberry scent.
Passion fruit & Guava - A lizard set against a red background, this soap has a delicious and refreshing fragrance.
Jasmine - A classic floral fragrance, this soap is clear with blue and white flowers.
Lemon and lime - This soap is always popular for it's strong refreshing citrus fragrance and leaping frog design.

Patchouli - Elephant and stars against a purple background.
Ocean Breeze- A fresh sea breeze scented soap, blue whith white sea horses.
Vanilla - A unusual soap, it has a cream background with a striking black cat set against it.
White Musk - Butterflies against a bright pink background and very nice, slightly sweet aroma.
One slice of soap approx. 100g: £1.65

{short description of image} Swiss roll soap
Patchouli - A sweet earthy aroma, it can help to treat acne and oily skin.
Tree tree - Made with real tea tree essential oil.
One slice of Swiss roll soap (50-60g): £1.15

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