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simmering granoles Made from sea salt, these fragrant and colourful simmering granules are a popular alternative to fragrance oils in oil burners. Simmering granules are safe, clean and simple to use. They can also be used on their own as a simple pot-pourri or as bath salts.
One pack of approx. 200g Simmering granules: was £1.75 now just 87p.

  Aromatherapy Simmering Granules  
Aromatherapy Simmering Granules Aromatherapy simmering granules are a natural salt based product with special blends of essential oils. Available in:
Calming - Chamomile & Cedarwood For a calming and profoundly soothing effect on the emotions.
Intimate - Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang and Jasmine are both considered to have aphrodisiac qualities while creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
Refreshing - Grapefruit & Lime Sunny and mentally enlivening, an uplifting oil for those who are felling depressed or mentally run down.
Relaxing - Lavender & Clary Sage To relax tension associated with mental or emotional stress, ths blend will also help you get to sleep.
Spicy - Sandalwood & Clove A sweet, warm and woody aroma to help boost the immune system.
Stimulating - Eucalyptus & Lemon To combat mental exhaustion and aid concentration.
Uplifting - Orange & Cypress An uplifting and refreshing tonic for the senses.
Aromatherapy Simmering Granules £3.95 each

  Simmering Granules Diffuser  
simmering granules diffusers These specially designed diffusers for simmering granules are hand crafted for us from solid soapstone. They are designed to hold the contents of a pack of simmering granules so that the fragrance can slowly diffuse into the surrounding air. An excellent alternative to using oil burners in rooms of your house where it's not possible to use candles. £12.95

  Burner Boxes
Burner box{short description of image}
Burner Boxes
Gift boxed oil burner, the gift sets contains a packet of simmering granules, three nightlights and a colour coordinated oil burner. The colour and shape of the oil burner is given in brackets.Available in:
Angel Wings (White Round) - A delicate beautiful scent.
Cinnamon & Orange (Terracotta Sqaure) - Spicy warm scent.
Hawaiian Paradise (Bule Sqaure) - Coconut palms on a tropical beach.

Hidden Garden (Deep Green Sqaure) - A tranquil floral blend.
In the Kitchen (Terracotta Sqaure) - A warm, rich full aroma with undertones of toffee.
Jasmine(Deep Green Sqaure) - Fragrant winter flowering Jasmine.
Lavender (White Round) - A popular traditional Lavender fragrance.
Love (Lilac Sqaure) - A Delicate sensuous perfume.
Very Berry (Lilac Sqaure) - The delicious aroma of tangy summer fruits.
Burner box: £9.95

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