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{short description of image} Tealight Tops  
{short description of image} Scented wax discs which fit on top of standard tealights to turn them into scented tealights. each pack contains 9 tealight tops in coordinated colours.Available in:
Caribbean - A tropical ocean fragrance in shades of blue.
Coconut - The sweet aroma of coconut in cream and tan.
Exotic - The tropical fragrance of mango and papaya in shades of yellow.
Lavender - The classic fragrance of lavender in shades of lilac.
Love - romantic blend in passionate pinks and red.
Peach - Sweet fruity aroma in cream, peach and orange.
Vanilla - delicate vanilla fragrance in cream to golden brown.
Tealight tops: £1.95 a pack, or 3 or more packs: £1.25

Scented Tealights
Bolsius scented nightlights Bolsius Scented Tealights
Premium quality scented tealights made by the Dutch company Bolsius. Each box contains 6 tealights. Available in:
Cool Mint - Refreshing, turquoise coloured tealights.
French Vanilla - Cream coloured with the sweet, warm fragrance of vanilla.
Fresh Linen - Pale Blue with a fresh, clean fragrance.
Lavender Fields - Classic lilac coloured lavender tealights.
Tropical - A tropical fruits basket of mango and kiwi in cheerful orange.
Strawberry - Red with the delicious aroma of ripe Strawberries.
Sugar and Spice - Brown coloured, with sweet cinnamon spicyness.
Wild Cranberry - Deep Red, Delicious fruity cranberrys.
Winter Dream - Burgundy, sweet and spicy.
Bolsius tealights: £1.95 a pack, or 5 packs or more: £1.75 a pack.

Standard Tea lights
{short description of image} Clean burning Bolsius European tealights with long burn times. these are high quality tealights; not inferior far eastern imports, which burn much less efficiently.
Bag of 100 £12.95
Citronella tealights Citronella Tealights
Premium quality Bolsius tealights with a strong fly-repellant citronella fragrance.

Box of 30: £6.95
Tea light holders
Glass tealight holder Glass tea-light holder
A simple glass holder for a single tea-light, it comes with an unscented tealight.
Soapstone tea-light lantern Soapstone tea-light lantern
Lanterns for tea-light carved out of soapstone. The tea-light is placed inside and casts decorative shadows around the room through cut outs in the soapstone. Available in four different designs: with heart, star, dots or spiral cut outs. Colours vary due to the individual piece of soapstone used. They are approx. 8cm high.
£5.95 each

Owl tea-light holder Owl tea-light holder
This magnificent owl tea-light holder is made of porcelain and finished in a attractive two tone glaze. The owl stands an impressive 19cm high. The tea-light sits inside him and the light shines out of his front, casting patterns around the room.
£6.95 each

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