Welcome Home Bridgewater Jar Candles
Highly fragranced scented jar candles available in 14oz and 3.75oz sizes.
citronella candles Scented pillar candles
Scented pillar and dinner candles in a wide variety of fragrances.
Bolsius scented nightlights
Scented tea-lights and tea-light holders
votive candles Votive Candles
Votive candles with a very high fragrance oil content.
Floating candles Floating Candles
Scented floating candles.

{short description of image} Garden candles
Fly repellent Citronella candles for the garden.
wall sconce

Candle holders
Pillar candle holders, tealight holders and wall sconces.
{short description of image} Candle sand
Make your own scented candles from scented candle sand.

Gel Candles Tea-lights Floating Candles Votives Candle Holders

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