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Room perfumes Room perfumes
Room Sprays are a concentrated blend of fragrance presented in a simple glass bottle with a colourful label. A gentle spray is all you need to simply diffuse the air with a pleasant fragrance which lasts for hours. Available in: Angel Wings, Baby Powder, Cinnamon and Orange, Citronella, Lavender, Linen Fresh, Rose and Ocean Surf.
One 100ml bottle of room perfume: £4.95

Claremont and May room spray Claremont & May Room Spray
Claremont and May room sprays are an ideal way to add a burst of fragrance to any room, enhance atmosphere, and create ambience. They are also useful for refreshing Claremont & May's potpourri. Available in:
Amberwood Blue - The soothing fragrance of cool bergamot and lavender with patchouli and geranium.
Champagne & Roses - A sensual floral fragrance of pink roses with hints of jasmine and violet.
Fresh Linen - The clean and breezy floral fragrance of laundry day.
Honeysuckle & Jasmine - Sweet honeysuckle with elegant lily and jasmine blossom and a cedarwood base.
Honey & Vanilla - A rich, warm vanilla and honey fragrance with a hint of spice.
Lilac and Lavender - Classic lavender entwined with a hint of lilac for a modern twist.
Oriental Lime & Ginger - A revitalizing fragrance with fresh citrus, ginger, oriental rose and jasmine.
One 100ml bottle: £4.95
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Greenleaf air spray Greenleaf Room Spray
Highly concentrated Greenleaf brand room perfume, formulated to provide the maximum amount of fragrance per spray. A quick shake and spray will instantly enhance the atmosphere of any room.

Available in:
Classic Linen - A clean, spring-fresh aroma delicately blended with sweet floral and balsamic notes.
Fresh Blossoms - The sweet aroma of spring blossoms
Roses - The classic, gentle aroma of English roses.
Sea Spray - The scent of fresh air coming of the sea intermingled with jasmine, sandalwood and musk.
Timberleaf - The brisk woodsy aroma of evergreen accented with hints of patchouli and sandalwood.

Vanilla - A traditional favorite to warm the heart and home.
One 6 fl oz (177ml) bottle of room perfume: £7.95

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Ironing oils
Ironing oils Ironing Oil
Fragrance oils for ironing. Simply put a drop or two in your iron's water tank for fresh, crisp, and aromatic clothes. As these oils are water soluble they are also suitable for scenting the water in indoor fountains.

Extra Large bottles containing 250ml of ironing oil.

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