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{short description of image} Fragrance Oil Reed Diffusers
{short description of image} Regent House Reed Diffusers
Regent House reed diffusers are long lasting and effective alternative to burning a candle, they slowly release their fragrance over several weeks. Available in:
Angel Wings- Angel Wings is a delicate beautifully perfumed scent which everyone loves, sweet and angelic.
Cinnamon & Orange - A warm, spicy and uplifting aroma, a very welcoming fragrance.
Lavender- A relaxing fragrance idea for rooms where you want to unwind.
Ocean Surf - The fresh scents of the the sea wafting on the breeze, perfect for the bathroom.
Very Berry - A multitude of berry aromas such as Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry combine to give a rich fruity fragrance, excellent for the kitchen.
Regent House Reed diffusers: £12.95

Blue Coconut Reed diffuser Luxury Reed Diffusers
A lovely reed diffuser which comes in a frosted bottle with curly decorative sticks colour matched to the scent. Highly fragranced and made in the UK.
Blue Coconut (Blue and White Reeds)- A mixture of coconut and musk with hints of dewberry makes this scent an exotic heady fragrance.
Hidden Garden (Green and White Reeds)- Hidden Garden is a delicate perfume made up of tuberose combined with white musk.
Sugar Plum Fairy (Pink and White Reeds)- A magical fairyland fragrance, fruity and sweet with undertones of spices and crystallised fruits.
Luxury Regent House reed diffusers: £14.95

{short description of image} Claremont and May Reed Diffusers
Elegant glass reed diffuser from Claremont and May are the perfect way to gradually release fragrance in a room. Complete with decorative glass bottle and natural reeds. Each reed diffuser is gift boxed. Available in:
Amberwood Blue - The soothing fragrance of cool bergamot and lavender, enhanced with patchouli and geranium.
Cup Cake - A baked aroma of cupcakes with vanilla sweetness and a sugary topping.
Champagne & Roses - A sensual floral fragrance of pink roses with hints of jasmine and violet.
Fresh Linen - The clean and breezy floral fragrance of laundry day.
Honey & Vanilla - A rich, warm vanilla and honey fragrance with a hint of spice.
Lilac and Lavender - Classic lavender entwined with a hint of lilac for a modern twist.
Meadow Grass - The breeze across a meadow on a sunny day with notes of soft blossoms and fresh, grassy green accords.
Reed diffusers: £18.95

Reed diffuser with sachet Reed Diffuser and Scented Sachet
Simple and elegant reed diffusers with a matching scented sachet.
Fresh Linen - Clean and bright fragrance of fresh laundry.
Spring Meadow - Delicate fresh spring blossoms.
Luxury Vanilla - Soft vanilla warmth.
White Tea - Classic elegant fragrance.

{short description of image} Essential Oil Reed Diffusers
New range of aromatherapy reed diffusers made in the UK with natural essential oils. The reeds are decorated with wooden pearls. Each bottle contains 200ml of oil.
De-Stress - Lavender and Palmarosa oils create a restful oasis of calm for relaxing after a stressful day.
Energise - Tangerine and Eucalyptus oils give a much needed boost, a good choice for the home office.
Inspire - Lemongrass & Rosemary essential oils stimulate the mind and aid creativity.
Unwind - Orange and Clove oils create a calming blend for unwinding.
Essential oil diffusers: £14.95 each or buy any two for £25 or any 3 for just £21

  Reed Diffusers Refills
{short description of image} Reed Diffusers Refills
Claremont and May Reed Diffusers refill oil. Each bottle has a generous 250ml of oil for refilling your diffuser.
Reed diffuser refills: £8.75

  Reed Diffusers Reeds
Spare reeds for your reed diffuser. When changing to a different fragrance in your diffuser it's a good idea to change the reeds as well.
Bunch of 20 Reed diffuser reeds: £2.95

  Flower Diffusers  
fresh ginger flower diffuser Flower Diffusers work in the same way as reed diffusers. They are the perfect gift pack with lovely round bottles and a flower which will absorb the fragrance and change the colour. The flower for each fragrance is different adding extra variety. Each diffuser contains 70ml of fragrance oil. Available in:
Fresh Ginger- Refreshing fresh ginger fragrance.
Mountain Lake - A fresh, inspiring fragrance.
Flower Diffusers: £9.95

Lady bird leaf diffuser Ladybird Leaf Diffusers
These charming diffusers are something a little different. They have leaves that wick the alcohol free fragrance oil from the bottle, decorated with a cute ladybird. They are gift boxed, each diffuser contains 30ml of fragrance oil. Available in:
Cherry Blossom- A delicate floral aroma.
Citronella & Lemongrass - Super fresh citrus, great for the kitchen.
Lily Jasmine - Lily and jasmine combined to make a rich aroma.
Lavender Field- The gently relaxing aroma of lavender flowers.
Rose Valentino - Romantic rose.
Sea Dreams - A calming peaceful fragrance.
Ladybird Leaf Diffusers: £4.95

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