Scented pumice Pumice stones, a fresh alternative to pot-pourri View Basket
{short description of image} Fragrant pumice
pumice stones, inculding sleep stones Bath tray stones
A fresh citrus fragrance designed for bathrooms.
Caribbean dreams stones
A tropical scent made with coconut oil.

Deep violet musk
Sweet and heady violet scent.
Kitchen refresh stones
A lemon and lime scent to freshen kitchens after cooking.
Living space stones
Orange coloured stones with a sharp citrus scent to aid concentration.
Rainforest stones
Atmospheric and musky rainforest fragrance.
Romance stones
Place them in a bowl in the bedroom to create a romantic and seductive atmosphere.
Sleep Stones
Impregnated with the finest French lavender oil. Place them in a bowl in the bedroom for a deep and restful sleep.
Pumice stones: Special Offer: Was £1.65 a pack Now £1.15 a pack.

{short description of image} Pumice Refresh Sprays
Aroma mist sprays for refreshing pumices stones. each bottle contains 50ml of fragrance spray.
Pumice Refresh: £2.30 a bottle.

Scented pumice gift basket Scented Pumice Gift basket
Scented pumice, refresh spray and pumice bowl.

  Pumice Pots  
Pumice bowl
Bowls for scented pumice in pastel shades. They have the look and feel of pumice itself and they absorb some of the fragrance of the stones.

Lavender pumice pot Lavender scent pot
Small pot for scented pumice, decorated with a sprig of lavender.

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