Using Incense

Incense History
Of all the methods of home fragrance, incense has by far the longest history. Almost since the invention of fire, our ancestors discovered that many materials give off a unique and sometimes powerful aroma when burnt.
Incense was the forerunner of what is today called aromatherapy. Because of the way that aromas produced by burning materials could heighten the senses, most ancient cultures used incense for sacred and healing purposes. The woods most suited for burning for incense became highly prized commodities. The most valued of these was Frankincense an aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees. Frankincense was used by the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians and the Romans.
On the other side of the Atlantic Native Americans have burnt herbal smoke mixtures including sage and cedar in ceremonial cleansing and healing rituals for thousands of years.

Modern incense
Today's incense is usually available in the form of sticks or cones. It proves ever popular, busy people want there rare moments of relaxation to be beautifully scented with relaxing fragrances. Incense sticks are made from a special blend of compressed wood around a bamboo core dipped into the blend of fragrance. This makes modem incense much easier to use than the resins and woods of ancient times. Incense sticks typically last for around an hour, the fragrance with drift though a number on rooms. Incense cones are made form a special blend of slow burning material which is them fragranced, they generally list for around 20-30 minutes providing a fast burst of fragrance where required.

Incense Burners
It's essential that incense is burnt safely, the best way to ensure this is to use a specially designed incense burner. These vary from simply ash catches to fully enclosed smoke boxes. With a smoke boxes, the holes in the top are designed to make the smoke curl decoratively into the air. With time the boxes absorb the fragrance of the incense and after a while in use they become beautiful scented.

Tips for using incense.
The best way to light incense is to use a lighter rather than a match. Hold the lighter up to the incense for a few seconds until the tip of the incense stick or cone glows red. Blow out the flame and the incense will smoulder gently, releasing its fragrance.
Incense burners should be kept well away from the reach of children and pets. They should always be placed on a heat proof surface away from draughts and anything flammable. Never leave burning incense unattended. Make sure spent incense is completely extinguished before discarding


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