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{short description of image} Tealight Candle Oil Burners
Black oil burner Basic Oil Burner
A simple good quality oil burner, available in black or white.
£4.95 each

{short description of image} Star and Moon Oil Burner
A pretty pink oil burner. It's star and moon design casts an attractive light pattern when the tea-light is lit.
£5.95 each
Lavender oil burner Lavender Oil Burner
A 2 part oil burner with a generously sized well and an attractive lavender sprigs motif. 14cm (5 inches) high.
£6.95 each
deep well oil burner Deep well oil burner
A compact fragrance oil burner with a deep well, which is removable for easy cleaning. 12cm (4½ inches) high. Available in cream (pictured) or sand.
£6.95 each

soapstone oil burners Soapstone oil burner
A beautiful fragrance oil burner carved from soapstone, which will cast wonderfully decorative shadows around the room, the colours vary greatly due to the individual pieces of soapstone they are carved out of. 10cm (4 inches) high.
£9.95 each.
{short description of image} Small soap stone oil burner
A mini version on the soapstone oil burner approx. 7cm (3 inches) high. Designs vary.
£6.95 each
iron oil burner Metal Oil Burner
An ornate modern iron oil burner with a clear glass well, approx. 12cm (4.5 inches) heigh.
hanging bowl oilburner Hanging Bowl Oil Burner
A supended ceramic oil dish, which is heated by placing a tealight candle in the candle holder which sits in a recess in the base.
pearised oil burner Pearlised Oil Burner
A modern design, very pratical with a wide base. It has a pearlized finsed which means it shimmers softly in the light. Available in black or white.
£12.95 each

{short description of image} Mini Oil Burner
Mini Oil Burner, designed to be as compact as possibe, ideal for traveling.
small oil burner Baby Oil Burner
Baby oil burner, just 10cm high available in Pink, Lilac or Burgundy (pictured).

  USB Oil Burner Sets  
USB Diffuser
The ideal solution if you are unable to burn candles in your accommodation or place of work. USB oil burners plug directly into your computer and need no candles or plug to make them work. You can use them with fragrance oils, essential oils and simmering granules. The USB diffuser comes in black and silver and white and and silver and each diffuser comes complete with a jar of simmering granules in either Lavender or Vanilla. Point the mouse over the photo to see the white option in the set.
£12.95 each
Black and Silver USB Diffuser:

White and Silver USB Diffuser: :

  Gift boxed oil burners  
Burner box{short description of image}
Burner Boxes
Gift boxed oil burner, the gift sets contains a packet of simmering granules, three nightlights and a colour coordinated oil burner. The colour of the oil burner is given in brackets. Available in:
Angel Wings (Pink) - A delicate beautiful scent.
Cinnamon & Orange (Terracotta) - Spicy warm scent.
Hawaiian Paradise (Blule) - Coconut palms on a tropical beach.

Hidden Garden (Deep Green) - A tranquil floral blend.
In the Kitchen (Terracotta) - A warm, rich full aroma with undertones of toffee.
Jasmine(Deep Green) - Fragrant winter flowering Jasmine.
Lavender (Lilac) - A popular traditional Lavender fragrance.
Love (Lilac) - A Delicate sensuous perfume.
Very Berry (Lilac) - The delicious aroma of tangy summer fruits.
Burner box: £9.95

{short description of image} Clean burning Bolsius European tealights with long burn times. these are high quality tealights; not inferior far eastern imports, which burn much less efficiently.
Bag of 100 £12.95
  Fragrance Oils
{short description of image} Regent House fragrance oils
Premium quality scented oil for oil burners, or for refreshing regent house pot-pourri.
One 10ml bottle of fragrance oil: £1.45
More Fragrance Oils

simmering granoles Simmering Granules
Made from sea salt, these fragrant and colourful simmering granules are a popular alternative to fragrance oils in oil burners, just a couple of tablespoons will scent your home for hours.
One pack of approx. 200g Simmering granules: £1.75


Please note: Oil burners can get very hot in use; always place them on a heat proof surface away from anything flammable such as soft furnishings, and out of the reach of pets and children.

Read our Guide to using oil burners

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