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Nag Champa incense
Nag champa Original Nag Champa
This is the original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. A strong and sweet earthy scent made from a unique blending of rare champa flowers, sandalwood oil, spices, resins and some rare fragrant gums.
Original Nag champa: 15g pack: £1.15

Nag champa cones Nag Champa cones
The original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa cones.
Pack of 12 cones: 95p
Joie nag champa Joie Nag Champa
The house of Gopal version of the classic incense is made from the finest ingredients and is an excellent alternative to the original Nag Champa.
One15g pack: £1.25
  Super Hit Incense Sticks
super hit incense Super Hit Incense
From the makers of the original Nag Champa. Super Hit incense has a fragrance similar to nag champa but with a sweeter, richer aroma.
  Incense Burners  
{short description of image} Ash catcher
Simple wooden ash catcher.
Coloured sonke box Smoke box
Decorative smoke box, black with brass detailing, for burning incense.
  Other Nag Champa Products
Nag Champa fragrance oil Nag champa fragrance oil
10ml bottle of Nag champa fragrance oil.
Nag champa Simmering granules
Easy to use simmering granules for use in oil burners.

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