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{short description of image} Lavender Home Fragrance
The soothing and calming fragrance of lavender is a perennial favorite as a home fragrance. Lavender has been used since ancient time, the Roman used to use it in their bath water and the word lavender is derived from the Latin Lava - to wash. The fragrance of lavender can aid sleep and relaxation it is also said to be useful as a insect repellant. We stock a wide range of lavender products from several brands of home fragrance specialist, each of who have their own take on the classic fragrance.
lavender fragrace oils Regent House lavender fragrance oils
Lavender scented oil for using with water in oil burners, or for refreshing potpourri.
10ml bottle of fragrance oil: £1.45
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lavender simmering granules Regent House Lavender Simmering Granules
Fragrant lilac colored lavender simmering granules for oil burners, a couple of tablespoons will scent your home for hours.
One pack of approx. 200g Lavender simmering granules: £1.50
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Essential oils Essential Oils
High grade Lavender essential oil for using with water in oil burner wells. A few drops of oil can also be added to baths. 10ml bottle: £2.45
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Burner box Lavender Burner Box
Gift boxed oil burner with a packet of lavender simmering granules, three nightlights and a colour coordinated oil burner.
lavender votive candles Greenleaf Lavender Votive
Luxury Greenleaf lavender scented votive candles, packaged in it own beautifully decorated gift box. They are made from a blend of natural soy and vegatable waxes for a cleaner, longer lasting burn. They release an intense fragrance for up to 15 hours. £1.65
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lavenderscentedsachets Greenleaf Lavender Scented Sachets
Luxury lavender scented sachet made with specially blended oils for maximum strength and life-span. Provides fragrance in any room, in cars, drawers and cupboards. £3.45
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lilac and lavender potpourri Lilac and Lavender Potpourri
A hint of lilac gives a modern twist to this classic lavender potpourri in shades of blue and purple. £4.95
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lavender scented sachets Lilac and Lavender Scented Sachets
Claremont & May scented sachets are idea for scenting drawers, wardrobes, linen cupboards and suitcases. They also make a perfect postal gift when placed in a greeting card.
£3.45 each
{short description of image} Lavender Scented Wooden Balls
Highly scented wooden balls for fragranceing drawers and cupboards. They also make an original addition or alternative to pot-pourri. They can be refreshed with fragrance oil when required.
Scented Wooden Balls: 45p each or 10 or more of the same fragrance for 35p each.
Home fragrance oils Lilac and Lavender fragrance oil
Fragrance oils for refreshing Claremont & May potpourri and wooden balls. They can also be used in oil burners to provide home fragrance.
15ml bottle of fragrance oil: £1.95
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lavender candle Scented Pillar Candle
Handmade scented pillar candles by Claremont & May with an attractive textured finish. 3" (8cm) tall. They are specially designed for maximum fragrance and burn time. £3.95
{short description of image} Lilac and Lavender Room Spray
Claremont and May room sprays are an ideal way to add a burst of fragrance to any room, enhance atmosphere, and create ambience. They are also useful for refreshing Claremont & May's potpourri and wooden balls. £4.95More Room Sprays
Scented Drawer liners Lavender Drawer Liners
Lavender scented drawer liners made in England by The Master Herbalist. They will add a fresh fragrance to clothes and linen. Each attractive gift box contains 5 sheets approx. 60cm x 42cm (24" x 16")
Lavender Drawer Liners £7.95More Drawer Liners
Bolsius scented nightlights Scented Tealights
Premium quality scented tealights made by the Dutch company Bolsius. Each box contains 6 tealights. Lavender Fields are the classic lilac coloured lavender tealights. £1.85 a pack, or 5 packs or more: £1.65 a pack.
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{short description of image} Lilac and Lavender Reed Diffuser
Reed diffusers are a long lasting and safer alternative to burning candles. They will slowly release their fragrance over a few months.
Reed diffuser: £18.95
reed difuser refil Lilac and Lavender Diffuser Refill
Reed diffusers refill oil. Each bottle has a enough oil to refill a diffuser twice.
Reed diffuser refills: £8.75
{short description of image} Lavender filled cotton bag
A simple and useful cotton bag filled with lavender flowers. It can be placed under pillows to aid sleep or hung up in wardrobes to scent clothes and to deter moths. It is filled with approx 10g of dried lavender flowers. 95p each.
lavender mini pillow Lavender mini-pillow
A cotton mini-pillow measuring 14x11cm with lavender flowers in it's refillable center pocket. Embroidered with a decorative motif and the words: Lavender pillow To relax and calm it is a perfect accessory for the bedroom. It can also be slipped underneath a pillow where it will release it's relaxing fragrance during the night. £2.95 each
Orranza lavender bags Organza lavender bag
Pretty lilac organza bag approx .10cm high filled with a generous amount of lavender flowers.
£1.85 each or 10 or more £1.65 each.

{short description of image} Mini Organza Bags
Mini organza bags filled with lavender flowers, approx 7.5cm high. Available in ivory, pink, purple, gold or white.
Mini Organza Bags 85p each

lavender bunches Lavender flower bunches
Generous bunches of approx 100 stems of lavender, approx. 14" (35cm) long.
1 bunch: £4.95 each
Lavender flowers Lavender flowers
Top grade lavender flowers with a strong and long lasting scent. Use as a simple pot-pourri or to make lavender bags.
Small bag (approx. 100g): £2.95
Large bag (approx. 250g): £6.45
Extra large bag(approx. 500g): £12.45


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