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Organza lavender bags Organza lavender bag
Pretty organza bags approx.10cm high filled with a generous amount of lavender flowers.
£1.85 each or 10 or more £1.65 each.

lavender organza bags Organza sparkle-bags
These little organza bags are made from a special type of organza fabric which give them an extra sparkle and shimmer in the light. They are finished with with a top quality satin effect cord drawstring. Perfect for those special events and once in a life time occasions. They are approx. 8cm high filled and filled with premium french lavender flowers.
£1.65 each, or 10 or more £1.45 each.
Gold/Silver £1.95 each, or 10 or more £1.75 each.

mini lavender pillow Lavender mini-pillow
A cotton mini-pillow measuring 14x11cm with lavender flowers in it's refillable center pocket. Embroidered with a decorative motif it is the perfect accessory for the bedroom. It can also be slipped underneath a pillow where it will release it's relaxing fragrance during the night.
Lavender mini-pillow £2.95 each
Lavender Wardrobe Sachets Lavender Wardrobe Sachets
Charming handmade lavender filled cotton bags, with a pretty grosgrain ribbon for hanging up in the wardrobe. Each measures just over 4 x 2 inches and contains approx 15g of lavender. Handmade in the UK each one is slightly different, 3 designs available:

Summer in Provence Flowers, fruits and colours of a french summer.
Tartan Cream A smart cream and mocha tartan.

Retro Floral Genuine vintage fabric with a bold floral print.
Lavender wardrobe sachets £3.95 each.

cotton lavender bag Lavender filled cotton bag
A simple and useful cotton bag filled with lavender flowers. It can be placed under pillows to aid sleep or hung up in wardrobes to scent clothes and to deter moths. It is filled with approx 10g of dried lavender flowers. 95p each.
  Black cotton lavender bag
Limited run of our popular cotton lavender bags as above but in a smart black colour. Very limited edition, when they are gone, they're gone!
£1.35 each.
  Large cotton lavender bag
A larger version of our white lavender bags, they contain approx. 20g of lavender.
£1.95 each.
Lavender flowers Lavender flowers
Top grade lavender flowers with a strong and long lasting scent. Use as a simple pot-pourri or to make lavender bags.
Small bag (approx. 100g): £2.95
Large bag (approx. 250g): £6.45
Extra large bag(approx. 500g): £12.85

  Bulk Lavender Flowers
A Giant bag containing approx. 1KG of lavender flowers for making your own scented gifts. It will make a dozen large lavender bags and up to a hundred smaller lavender bags.
Giant bag of lavender flowers: £19.50

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