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  Japanese Incense sticks  
Japanese incense Premium quality Japanese incense sticks made without a bamboo stick in the middle, for a lighter and more delicate fragrance. The sticks are approx. 14cm long.
Available in:
  Eternal Plum Blossom
A premium incense made out of 15 plant extracts, including agarwood, sandalwood, Borneo camphor and cinnamon to produce a natural, mild, and smokeless incense stick of superb quality and aroma.
One roll of 40 sticks: £3.45
  Whispering bamboo
A delicate touch of violet invigorates this fresh and woody fragrance which includes sandalwood, cinnamon, eucalyptus, patchouli and Chinese plants.
One roll of 40 sticks: £3.45
  1000 Years of Wisdom
This incense contains a large number of natural ingredients in the form of plant powders and essential oils extracted from different woods such as: cinnamon, cloves eucalyptus and patchouli. All are herb once used for their healing properties when burnt as incense.
One roll of 45 sticks: £2.95
Extremely smokeless  
Smokeless incense Emitting practically no smoke, only the occasional light wisp, it gently diffuses its delicate scent to fill the room. Available in:
Tender Season - A delicious cocktail of early summer scents.
Treasure of Sweetness - The exquisite scent of the may rose.
Smokeless incense roll of 35 sticks: £2.95 each

  Japanese floral incense  
{short description of image} A delicate incense in individual floral fragrances.
Lavender - The soothing and relaxing aroma of lavender.
Lilly of the valley- The springtime freshness of lilly of the valley.
Rose - The delicate floral scent of the may rose.
Floral incense, roll of 35 sticks: £2.95 each

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