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{short description of image} Smoke boxes
Incense seems to mysteriously emanate from these attractive wooden smoke boxes, the holes in the top are designed to make the smoke form intricate patterns in the air. The boxes absorb the smell of the incense and after a while in use they become beautiful scented. They can burn incense sticks or cones and they have a compartment for storing incense sticks.  
{short description of image} Wooden smoke box
Plain wooden smoke box with brass details on the front. The designs vary.
£3.95 each.
Coloured sonke box Black Smoke box
Decorative smoke box, black with brass detailing, for burning incense.
{short description of image} Antique effect smoke box
An ornate smoke box in antique effect wood. Designs vary.
£5.85 each.

{short description of image} Coloured burner box
Incense smoke boxes in a range of bold modern colours.
£5.95 each.

incense tower Incense Tower
An upright version of the smoke box. A very attractive way of burning incense with the advantage that it has a smaller footprint that the traditional box.
£8.95 each.
Incence tortoise Incense Tortoise - Multi-Purpose Incense Holder
These coloured soapstone incense holders are full of character. Each tortoise has a wooden cube inside his back which can be rotated to hold either inceses sticks, cones or dhoop. For an added bonus there is even one side of his cube that can hold dinner candles.
£12.95 each.

Soapstone incense holder Soapstone incense cone burners
Incense cone burners carved out of soapstone. The incense cone is placed inside and the smoke comes out of the holes in the soapstone forming patterns in the air. Available in two different designs: dots or spiral cut outs. Colours vary due to the individual piece of soapstone used. They are approx. 11cm high.
£4.95 each

  Other Incense sticks holders
{short description of image} Soapstone Spiral Incense Plate
approx 8cm (3") across suitable for Japanese and Indian incense.£1.95
{short description of image} Marble Leaf Incense Holder
Suitable for Japanese incense and Indian incense up to 8 inches.
{short description of image} Ash catcher
Simple wooden ash catcher for Indian incense.
80p each
Ceramic incense holder Ceramic incense holder
Triangular ceramic incense holder especially suited to burning bamboo-less incense sticks such as Japanese incense.
{short description of image} WildBerry Incense bestsellers
Hand made in America, the premium hand made WildBerry brand incense sticks are our most popular incense. These 10 inch sticks are dipped in top grade fragrance oil and a large amount of fragrance is used per stick, they up to 10 times the amount of fragrance per stick than ordinary incense. This is a sellection of our bestsellers to get you started. See the full range of Wildberry incense.
WildBerry incense: One pack of 10 sticks: £1.95

Tulasi incense sticks Tulasi incense sticks
Good quality 8 inch indian incense sticks with well defined aromas, in the popular hexagonal shaped packs. See our full range of indian incense
Tulasi incense: One box of 20 sticks 95p

Incense cones Tulasi incense cones
Wonderfully fragranced incense cones from Tulasi. Each box contains fifteen large cones. See more incense cones
Tulasi cones:One box of 15 cones £1.15

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