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Indian Incense sticks
Tulasi incense sticks Tulasi Incense Sticks
Quality 8 inch incense sticks with well defined aromas, in the popular hexagonal shaped packs.
Tulasi incense: One box of 20 sticks 95p

{short description of image} Half Price Sale: Lion of Persia Incense
Premium Regent House brand incense, 8 inches long.
One pack of 20 sticks was £1.50 each, now just 75p, or buy any 5 or more for just 55p each.

{short description of image} Joie incense sticks
Top quality incense in hexagonal packs direct from The House of Gopal in India. The fragrances of these 8 inch sticks are absolutely wonderful.
Joie incense: One box of 20 sticks £1.35

tilasi aromatherapy  Tulasi Aromatherapy Incense Sticks
Specially blended aromatherapy incense sticks to help enhance your mood.
Energising- Lime, Lemon and Grapefruit.
Refreshing- Mint, Sage and Clove.
Relaxing- Cardamom, Cedarwood and Patchouli
Stress Relief - Lavender, Orange blossom and Thyme.
. One box of 20 sticks £1.25

{short description of image} Wooden Smoke Box
Wooden smoke box with brass details on the front. The holes in the top are designed to make the smoke form intricate patterns in the air. The boxes absorb the smell of the incense and after a while they become beautiful scented. Designs vary.
£4.95 each.
  Nag Champa
Nag champa Original Nag Champa
This is the original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. A strong and sweet earthy scent made from a unique blending of rare champa flowers, sandalwood oil, spices, resins and some rare fragrant gums.
Original Nag champa: One 15g pack: £1.15

Special offer: Buy 12 or more packs for just 95p each.
More Nag champa products
Joie nag champa Joie Nag Champa
The house of Gopal version of the classic incense is made from the finest ingredients and is an excellent alternative to the original Nag Champa.
Joie Nag Champa: 15g pack: £1.25
Super hit incence Super Hit Incense
From the makers of the original Nag Champa. Super Hit incense has a fragrance similar to nag champa but with a sweeter, richer taste.
  Incense cones  
Incense cones Tulasi Incense Cones
Wonderfully fragranced incense cones from Tulasi. Each box contains 15 large cones and a small metal tray for burning them on.
Tulasi cones: £1.15

Nag champa cones Nag Champa cones
The original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa cones.
Pack of 12 cones: 95p
incense cone burner Ceramic cone burner
Compact and useful this ceramic incense cone burner has an attractive ducky pink glaze.
£4.95 each
  Traditional hand-rolled Indian incense  
{short description of image} Lisa incense
The superb incense has the wonderfully delicate fragrance of fresh lilies. 12 10'' sticks.
Lisa incense:£1.25
  Thai Natural Incense  
natural thai incense Thai Natural Incense
Hand made Thai natural incense with striking and unique shapes and colours. They are simple to use, just use them in the same way as incense cones. Each pack contains 30 grams of incense £1.95 See photos of all the different fragrances.

Chanden Dhoop Chanden Dhoop
Dhoop is like solid logs of incense. It is very pungent and puts out an impressive amount of smoke, one 3.5cm log will burn for about 30 minutes but can be smelt for hours afterwards and will make any sized room smell like downtown Bombay.
One box of 16 logs of dhoop: £1.20

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