Using Home Fragrance - Part One

Fragrance is a very powerful thing. The power of smell has the ability to evoke memories and emotions, perhaps more so than any other sense. Have you ever noticed the smell of your own home? Each house has its own unique scent, you will probably have noticed this when visiting friends houses. We don't usually notice the fragrance of our own homes but it is there and it influences the atmosphere of our homes for ourselves as well as for visitors.

First of all… The Hallway
An inviting aroma is especially important when welcoming visitors into your home. An excellent well of fragranceing your hallway is by using potpourri or a reed diffuser which can be placed on a small table. Either would look attractive and ensure that there is always a welcoming aroma to greet guests, even those that arrive unexpectedly.
Potpourri is a traditional favorite and is available in classic fragrances such as Rose, Lavender and Vanilla as well as more modern classics such as Orchid and Black Basil and Liquorice. For added effect special potpourri bowls are available.
Reed diffusers are an attractive and elegant way to disperse scent using reeds soaked in a fragrance oil solution to gently diffuse the scent. They are an excellent way to fragrance a room as they take up so little space and last for a long while, often up to around 6 months.

The Kitchen
Another room in the house where fragrance is very important is in the kitchen. It's easy for cooking smells to dominate this room completely so careful fragranceing is essential. Citrus aromas are best for dispersing cooking smells. If using potpourri, fragrances such as Orange Grove and Oriental Lime and Citrus are recommend in the kitchen as are Jacaranda Wood & Citrus and the tangy aroma of English Blueberry. The kitchen is also the idea place for oil burners with your favorite fragrance or essential oils or simmering granules when you're not cooking.
Tip: If you need to disperse cooking smell quickly then the best way is to fill your oil burner dish with a couple of tablespoons of water and few drops of lemon essential oil; the lemon fragrance will cut though the cooking smells in no time.

The Bathroom
This is another important place from a visitor's point of view, needless to say you don't want any unwanted odours here!
Bright floral fragrances are good choices for the bathroom, Lilac and Lavender and Honeysuckle & Jasmine are excellent choices as are the slightly more woodsy fragrance such as Amberwood Blue and Poppy. Reed diffusers are also an excellent choice for the bathroom with fragrances such as Ocean Surf, Fresh Linen and Lilac and Lavender all working well.

The Garden
If you're enjoying an evening in the garden with friends the last thing you need is to be plagued by the flies, wasps and other insects that congregate, especially when you're eating.
A number of fragrances have insect repellent properties, the most effective of which seems to be Citronella. The strong citrus aroma makes Citronella garden candles a good choice as they provide light at the end of the evening in addition to warding off the bugs.

Part Two of the guide features advice on fragranceing the home office, living room and the bedroom.

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Reed diffuser, a compact and popular alternative to Pot-pourri

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Fragrance Oils provide the widest choice of scent out of any home fragrance product.