Using Home Fragrance - Part Two

By taking just a few steps to fill your home with fragrance, you can enhance your mind's perception of your home. You can also make your sleep from more restful and make your home a more desirable place to be, just by carefully tweaking its scent.

Home Office
The home office has a different tone to the rest of the house as it is a place where you will need to work, for this reason I would recommend that you don't use fragrances used in the office in any other room, this will help create a vital difference in the ambience of the room to set it apart from the rest of the house.
Fragrances to help to you concentrate are woodsy aroma such as Sandalwood, Lemongrass and Nag Champa. If you need help staying awake at the end of the day then sharper citrus fragrances such as Orange Grove or Lemon and Lime will also be a good choice as would the essential oil Bergamot which is considered to be an aid concentration.
An excellent way of fragrancing your office is to use a USB diffuser. These are a safer alternative to oil burners in a room with a lot or computer equipment and paperwork, they simply plug into the USB port in your computer and release fragrance into the room. They work well with simmering granules or fragrance oils but we recommend simmering granules as they are a liquid free option for the office. Good choices of simmering granules for the home office are Hidden Garden, Fresh Salad, Cinnamon and Orange, Woodland Walk, Sandalwood, and Fizz.

Living Room
Moving on into the living room, why not choose your personal favourites in here whether that is romantic rose, soothing lavenders, fun fruity fragrance or something more modern and unusual. It's where your personality can really show in your choices of fragrance.
The living room is also good place to burn scented candles and incense to unwind in the evenings. It's also the place to experiment and have fun with home fragrance, using scent with setting the mood according to what you are doing. You could even have fun with trying to match up suitable fragrances to film and TV programs. For example try using Gothic Age fragrance oil in your oil burner while watching a horror film or exotic incense while watching a Bollywood film.

The Bedroom
If you are having problems sleeping then relaxing aromas in the bedroom are absolutely essential. The most useful fragrance here is Lavender which has relaxing properties that have been know since roman times. Lavender is an important fragrance to many people who depend on it to help them unwind and get to sleep each night. If you're finding it hard to sleep placing a lavender bag under your pillow will usually help. Other good relaxing fragrances are Angel Wings, Rose and Honey and Vanilla.
Tip: If your're having trouble sleeping and use oil burners in your bedroom then add a couple of tablespoons of water to your oil burner and a few drops each of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oil as they are a very effective combination. If it's not safe to use oil burners in your bedroom then a few drops of each in a handkerchief can work just as well, just be careful to place it out of the way so you do not accidentally roll on it during the night, as you need to avoid skin contact with undiluted essential oils.

For some, sleeping may be lower on their list of priorities when it comes to bedroom activities. If you want to create a romantic mood then a sensual fragrance such as Jasmine, Orchid or Ylang-Ylang will be a good choice. Burning WildBerry incense such as Aphrodisia, Arabian night or Oriental Charm may also be a good way to set the mood.

Cupboards and Drawers

While scenting your home don't forget about adding fragrance to clothes and linen. Drawer liners are traditional favourites, they provide a decorative layer at the bottom of the drawer and gently release their fragrance upwards though the clothing.
Another way adding a fresh fragrance to clothes and linen is by using scented sachets. These are decorated envelopes containing long lasting fragrances. Scented sachets are available in a wide range of fragrances and in addition to scenting drawers and cupboards they can also provide fragrance in any small room and even in the car.
I would recommend Fresh Linen, Amberwood Blue, Sea Spray and West Indian Clove for drawers and cupboards. For the car Cinnamon or Citrus Verbena would be a good choice.

I hope you've enjoyed this introduction to using home fragrance. Please let me know what you think of the guide or if you have any additional tips of your own to add. Email us at
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Scented sachets are are versatile way of fragranceing cupboards and drawers.