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Oil burner Gift Boxes
Burner box{short description of image}
Burner Boxes
Gift boxed oil burner, the gift sets contains a packet of simmering granules, three nightlights and a colour coordinated oil burner. The colour of the oil burner is given in brackets. Available in:
Angel Wings (Pink) - A delicate beautiful scent.
Cinnamon & Orange (Terracotta) - Spicy warm scent.
Hawaiian Paradise (Blule) - Coconut palms on a tropical beach.

Hidden Garden (Deep Green) - A tranquil floral blend.
Jasmine (Deep Green) - Fragrant winter flowering Jasmine.
Lavender (Lilac) - A popular traditional Lavender fragrance.
Love (Lilac) - A Delicate sensuous perfume.
Relaxing Days (Blue) - A camling blend of fragrances.
Very Berry (Lilac) - The delicious aroma of tangy summer fruits.
Burner box: £6.95

{short description of image}{short description of image} Room to Room range Gift Boxes
Gift boxed oil burners with fragrances specially tailored to to individual room of the house. the gift sets contains a packet of simmering granules, three nightlights and a colour coordinated oil burner. The colour of the oil burner is given in brackets.
Available in:
In the Kitchen (Terracotta) - A warm, rich full aroma with undertones of toffee.
Bathroom Bliss(Terracotta) - A clean and fresh aroma with undertones of heather .
Bedroom Fresh (Terracotta) - Calming with undertones of fresh linen to refresh your room ready for sleep.

Burner box: £6.95

Gardener's Friend Range
The Master Herbalist's Gardener's Friend Range makes idea gifts for the hardworking (or not so hard working!) gardener in your life. If you have to do all the work in the garden yourself then theses products, made in England using essential oils and restoring herbs, are the perfect excuse to treat yourself.
Gardener's Hand Wash Gardener's Friend Hand Wash
A deep cleansing hand wash with Aloe Vera leaf juice to promote healing. Fragranced with a revitalizing blend of essential oils including lemon, bergamot, and lavender.
£7.95 each

Gardener's Bath Soak Gardener's Friend Bath Oil
Pour two capfuls into running water and relax in a fragrant bath. Infused with sweet almond oil to restore skin moisture and the essential oils of lemon, bergamot, petitgraine and lavandin
£7.95 each

gardener's bath soak Gardener's Friend Bath soak (A pack of 6 Sachets)
This natural blend of herbs and spices has been specially created to provide a relaxing and soothing bath. Perfect for relaxing after a busy afternoon out in the garden, or ever just after a hard evenings work reading the seed catalogues.

gardener's gift set Gardener's Friend Gift Set:
The Gifts set includes: A Hessian Wash Bag, Bath Oil, Exfoliating Bath Bar and Graded Dibber.


CD Gift Sets
{short description of image}{short description of image} Bath Heaven
Luxury gift bag containing a stylish oil burner with simmering granules, tea-lights, a highly perfumed foam bath, body scrub, facecloth and a high quality mood CD. Put on the CD turn down the lights, light the candles and pour in the bath foam to provide a beautiful enveloping aroma. The serene music seemingly floats on the steam. You take a sip of wine, lie back and enjoy the feeling of relaxation that pervades every muscle in your body. . . It really doesn't get any better than this. A perfect gift for anyone, or treat yourself.
{short description of image}{short description of image} Deep Sleep CD Giftbag
With this CD gift set you can learn how to achieve deep sleep and experience the difference it makes to your life. This relaxing album contains all the information and techniques required to promote a peaceful nights sleep. The gift bag also contains four other products which are all impregnated with pure Lavender oil. Lavender essential oil is considered to have calming and balancing properties and therefore aid sleep. It is also reputed to relieve anxiety and depression and in many cases these factors can contribute to restlessness or insomnia. The Lavender products include Flower Heads, Fragrant Stones, Body Soak and Night Cream together with a colour co-ordinated facecloth.

Greenleaf Potpourri Gif Bags
Greenleaf brand potpourri is of exceptional style and quality. The eye-catching botanical ingredients make it a decorative centerpiece for any room and a excellent gift
The bags measure approx. 19 cm (7.5") tall x 12 cm (4.5") wide and 8 cm x (3") deep .
Greenleaf potpourri classic linen Classic Linen
A clean, fresh aroma with sweet floral and balsamic notes. £12.95
{short description of image} Fresh Blossoms
Flowers and petals in pretty pinks with the sweet aroma of spring blossoms. Was £12.95 now £9.95
Greenleaf Potpourri Hospitality Hospitality
Pine cones, dried fruit slices and berries with a warm and welcoming blend of spices and aged woods. £12.95
{short description of image} Sea Spray
Beautiful sea shells with the scent of fresh air coming of the sea intermingled with jasmine, sandledwood and musk. £12.95
Relax and unwind with these fabulous large 200g Bath Bombs enriched with shea butter to make them smoother on the skin. Jumbo Bath Bombs:
Available in:
Lavender bath bombs Lavender Seeds- Classic relaxation bath complete with lavender and lavender seeds. £1.75
{short description of image} Ocean- Real sea salt adds to this bathing experience with fragrance inspired by exotic shores. £1.75
rose bath bomb Roses and Petals - Romance in a bath; luxuriate in relaxing rose aromas while real petals drift by. £1.75
{short description of image} Yorkshire Violet - A sweet and heady violet fragrance. £1.75
Bath Salts
bath salts Luxury Dead Sea salts scented with intensely fragrant essential oils. They can be used as bath salts or in oil burners. They can also be used on their own; the attractive tubs can be simply unscrewed and left to fragrance a room.
Relaxing & Indulgent - A relaxing blend of Geranium, Orange, Lavender and Ylang Ylang.
Calming & Easing - A refreshing blend of Eucalyptus, Geranium, Camphor, Peppermint and Wintergreen.
Sensual & Exotic - A sensual blend of Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Neroli.
Love & Peace - A soothing blend of Citrus Lemon Geranium, Patchouli and Orange.
Inspiration & Exhilaration - A tonic blend of Mandarin, Neroli, Citrus, Lavender and Rosemary.
One 300g Tub: £3.25 each

Incense gift sets
Indian incense gift basket Indian incence gift basket
This gift basket contains a selection of classic indian incense and a incense burning disc. It is a great starter set for those wishing surround themselves with the heady, floral and earthy scents of india.
There is nothing like fragrance to capture the spirit of a place, and this gift basket is the next best thing to a plane ticket to India.
Indian incense gift box: £5.95

Scented pumice gift basket Scented Pumice Gift basket
Scented pumice, refresh spray and pumice bowl.

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