Fragrance Oil Burners

Using Oil Burners

Fragrance oil burners are one of the best ways to fragrance your home as they are so versatile; they offer the widest ranges of possible fragrances. There is something to suit your every mood among the wide range of simmering granules and fragrance oils available. Oil burners are available in a range of shapes, colours and designs to match any home's décor, they also make excellent gifts especially when given with a few bottles of fragrance oils or simmering granules of the recipient's favourite fragrances.

Fragrance Oil
The most traditional choice for using in oil burners, fragrance oils are available in the widest range of scents. The key to using fragrance oils successfully is to place a tablespoon or two of water into the oil burner's well before lighting the candle and adding a few drops of the fragrance to the water. This will ensure that the oil burner well does not overheat, which risks damaging the burner. The best oil burners for fragrance oils are those with large wells, these allow enough water to be added, so the oil burner does not quickly run dry.

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Simmering Granules
Fragrant simmering granules are becoming ever more popular in oil burners due to their wide range of fragrances and the fact that water does not need to be added as with fragrance oils, so there is no risk of the oil well burning dry and cracking. They are simple to use, just spoon the required amount of granules into the oil burner's well. Simmering granules are our own preferred choice in oil burners. We recommend using simmering granules in all small oil burners such as our baby oil burners; granules are always the easiest option in oil burners with small wells.

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Wax melts
Wax melts, also know as wax tarts are fragrant discs of wax. To use just unwrap one and place in the oil burner's well. They are most suited to medium to large ceramic oil burners as very small oil burners don't have big enough wells for them. They will slowly release their fragrance over several hours. To remove a wax melt allow it cool completely, it should then shrink slightly and pop out easily.

Tip: If you are have trouble removing the wax melt, leave the oil burner dish in the fridge overnight and try again in the morning.
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Safety information.
Keep oil burners away from the reach of children and pets. They should always be placed on a heat proof surface away from draughts and anything flammable. Never leave a burning oil burner unattended. If it's not safe to use an oil burner in your home or place of work, one of our USB diffusers may be a good altenative.

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Burner box
Oil burner gift sets are an excellent starter pack, containg simmering granules, nightlights and an oil burner.

Wildberry Incense
Aromatherapy simmering graules, a popular chioce in oil burners.