Customer survey - Favorite home fragrance products.  
Home fragrance comes in many different forms, but most of our customers have their own favorite ways of scenting their home. We asked them: What's your favorite home fragrance product and why? here are their answers:

What's you favorite home fragrance product?  
I love scented candles. I have two cats so I have to keep my flat fresh and smelling nice. I have candles everywhere, especially next to litter trays. They efectively mask odours and makes place look pretty too. Anna Smilowaka

Reed diffusers, I think they really make a difference to making my home smell fresh. Patricia Edwards

I love reed diffusers as they look so pretty, and I love scented sachets in my drawers as I find the scent lasts for ages. Faridah Brooker

Reed diffusers are my favourite as they last longer and the house smells great. Mrs R Saunders

Potpourri is my favourite because it reminds of our first "cloakroom" (downstairs toilet!), of which Mum was very proud. She decorated it very prettily and always had potpourri in a lovely bowl on the window sill. Elaine Savage

I love traditional incense sticks, the smell relaxes me, reminds me of churches and peaceful times. Catherine Jones

I love reed diffusers because they look so pretty, a feature in themselves and they smell divine. The only problem is that I want one now in every room in the house! Lindsey Clegg

My favourite products are the bath bombs because they smell absolutely gorgeous and I love watching them explode in the water and disappear Carly Mckay

My favourite are reed diffusers. I use different fragrances depending on the time of year. Susan Younger

I love incense sticks, but it's more of a summer thing, burning them with the kitchen window open and the sunshine streaming through. My favourite fragrance is sandalwood or musk. The Wild Berry range are great and smell fab. Sue McCarthy

My favourite home fragrance product is fragrance oils, I can make the scent as potent as I want and it fills a room really quickly. Deirdre Maher

My favourite home fragrance product is what I discovered recently, incense sticks. They are brill because besides smelling fantastic they mask any smells caused if I happen to burn any cooking! Christine Ransom

My favourites are incense sticks, they always remind me of my happy, carefree teenage years. Helena Gilbert

I love scented drawer liners, it reminds me of when I got married. We were doing up an old house and had donated furniture including a dressing table, I brought some rose scented drawer liners which made my 'smalls' and clothes smell so lovely, Happy memories. Jill Cross

I love lavender bags, soothing, calming. comforting. In the wardrobe so my clothes are scented, in my bed linen drawer to help me sleep. Ms R. Borston

I love incense I am a dog lover and it gets rid of any doggy smells left around the place. Janet Taylor
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Reed Diffusers

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