Customer survey - Favorite home fragrance.  
Fragrance can be a powerful way of changing the atmosphere of a room, and an emotional trigger of memories from the past.
We asked our customers: What's your favorite fragrance and why? here are their answers:

What's you favorite home fragrance?  
I love the smell of vanilla it's so pleasant and can be used all over the house I have sprays and reed diffusers as I like my house to smell lovely. Joyce Mannell

My mum bought me the Blue Coconut luxury reed diffuser for Christmas and it smells lovely in our bedroom and is still going strong. As the colour of the reeds are blue and white it also matches our bedroom and looks stylish. Have recommended this product to friends and will definitely buy again and try some of your other diffusers. Kim Neville

Potpourri Champagne and Roses. It looks nice displayed on a dish and smells beautiful. Andrea Lloyd

I love citrus scented reed diffusers for the kitchen. The scent reminds me of sunny holidays and the added bonus of neutralizing cooking odours. I use floral candles in our living room for luxury, especially if my budget is a bit tight and I have had to cut back on fresh flowers. I prefer lavender for the bedroom in scented drawer liners and pot pourri for its relaxation properties. Tracy Newton

Lilac and Lavender pot pourri, my favorite long lingering scent and I love the vibrant colour. Kirsty Halliday

My favorite home fragrance product is the reed diffusers. First and foremost because they are safe, I don't have to worry about leaving them unattended or accidently knocking one over and singeing something! They're not messy like incense (although I do love incense!), they look pretty, they normally last a month or so and are economical, plus I find them highly effective.... I can usually smell mine as soon as I enter the room. Denise Gunn

Love oil burners, and all their little bits. I love the designs, and the pretty light they cast, and you only need such a little of the smell to make it go all through the house. Nothing beats a little sea breeze whispering round the room. Helen Cruz

My favorite is the Champagne and Roses Potpourri Jill Ashton

I love incense sticks, but it's more of a summer thing, burning them with the kitchen window open and the sunshine streaming through. My favourite fragrance is sandalwood or musk. The Wild Berry range are great and smell fab. Sue McCarthy

Lilly of the valley is my favorite fragrance..... as it was a flower that I had by my sandpit as a child so it reminds me of "happy days" as well as being the most beautiful perfume ever... Maureen Moss
Love lavender as reminds me of summer all year long and helps me through the long winter months. Chris Driver
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