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{short description of image} UK made ironwork candles
scented tea lights Spiked candle holder
Simple spiked candle holder 9.5cm wide. Avalibe in black or silver.

Standard dinner candle holder
Iron holder for dinner candles.
Avalible in:
£1.45 a pack
Fresh n' fruity tea lights Tropical fruits tea-lights
Special scents tea-lights from the waxy facts range by salco.

Available in:
Apricot Marmalade
The combined fragrance of soft velvet apricots and marmalade oranges.
Banana Creme

The delicous aroma of fruity soft bunches of bananas.
Fresh n' Fruity

The juicy fragrance of fresh apples, sweet lime, green grapes and kiwi fruit.
Tropical shores

The sweet aroma of fresh pineapple, star and cactus fruits .
One Pack of 6: £1.35

Standard Tea lights
telemark nightlights Clean burning Tea lights with long burn times. Made in Norway by telemark these are high quality Tea lights; not inferior far eastern imports, which burn less efficiently and can also cause problems by flaring up inside oil burners.
Box of 10: £1.20

  Citronella Tealights
Premium quality Tea-lights with a strong fly-repellant citronella fragrance.

Bag of 10 - £1.80
Bag of 25 - £4.30

Bag of 10
Bag of 25

Tea light holders
Owl tea-light holder Owl tea-light holder
This magnificent owl tea-light holder is made of porcelain and finished in a attractive two tone glaze. The owl stands an impressive 19cm high. The tea-light sits inside him and the light shines out of his front, casting patterns around the room.
£6.95 each

{short description of image} Beaded tea-light holder
Made from a thick bronze coloured wire woven with beads, the light from the tea-light shines though the bead work, makes the bead shine in the candle light. The holder is approx 12.5cm high.
£4.95 each

Nightlight holder Triple tea light holder
Made from iron it will hold 3 tealight candles (not included). Hand made by British craftsman.
£4.75 each

Special offer: buy two or more for £3.95 each.

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