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{short description of image} Magnificent Floral Fizzes
These approx 200 gram bath bomb cakes are truly magnificent, made with the best ingredients, scrumptiously scented and decorated with real botanical ingredients.
£1.95 each. Available in:
Lay Back & Languish Lay Back & Languish - Lavender & Marjoram.
Passion Fashion Passion Fashion - Rose & Ylang Ylang
Romantic Rebel Romantic Rebel - Rose, Lavender & Patchouli
Star Struk Star Struck - Aniseed China Star, Orange & Lime.
Body Soaks
Aromatherapy body soaks made using pure essential oils with foam bath and natural salt. Shake the Aromatherapy bodysoak bottle well and tip up to about one third into running water then enjoy a good long soak in the bath, for fifteen minutes or more to get the maximum benefit.
Aromatherapy bodysoaks £4.75 each. Available in:
Lay Back & Languish Relaxing - Lavender, Marjoram and Ylang Ylang aromatherapy essential oil is used in this blend. It is a good muscle relaxant, excellent for any suffering from stress or anxiety.
Passion Fashion Joints - Joints essential oil blend is made using a blend of Geranium, Rosemary, Ginger & Cypress essential oils. It is specially blended to ease tired muscles and joints.
Romantic Rebel Sensual - Sensual bodysoak has been created using three essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Rosemary & Lemon. The aromatherapy oils used in this sensual blend are widely renowned as an aphrodisiacs and is said to have a calming and relaxing effect as well as being a sweet perfume.
Star Struk Lavender Sleep - Calming blend with lavender essential oil. The perfect way to unwind with a relaxing bath before retiring to bed in the evening.
Jumbo Bath Bombs
Relax and unwind with these fabulous large 200g Bath Bombs enriched with shea butter to make them smoother on the skin.

Lavender bath bombs Lavender Flowers- Classic relaxation bath complete with lavender and lavender seeds. £1.75
{short description of image} Ocean- Real sea salt adds to this bathing experience with fragrance inspired by exotic shores. £1.75
rose bath bomb Roses and Petals - Romance in a bath; luxuriate in relaxing rose aromas while real petals drift by. £1.75
{short description of image} Very Berry - If you like it fruity and fun then you have come to the right bath bomb, heaph of fruit berry fragrance. £1.75
  Bath Accessories
{short description of image} luxurious loofa to exfoliate your skin and improve circulation, a fantastic addition to your bath time experience.

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